Product Features

Used in petroleum, chemical, mining, urban construction, water conservancy and other large projects

Extremely small working space without space restrictions

Lightweight design of high-strength steel hexagonal / decagonal / "U" -shaped cross section main boom, leading the length of similar products. , It has the largest lifting capacity under the same working conditions, and its driving capacity is stronger than similar products. The overall weight is the lightest in its class. Large ground clearance, excellent passability

Reliable technical resources, flexible operation

Time-saving, labor-saving, fast and efficient

The grounding pressure is small, the turning radius is small, and the all-weather road surface operation is not limited by the site; it is convenient and fast, without disassembly and assembly, and the transition is extremely convenient.

All products

All configurations in the product list of this website are based on actual machines. To meet customers needs and the relevant national legal requirements, Sunward will improve product technological continuously. SUNWARD Equipment Co., Ltd. reserves the right to modify the above configurations and specifications without making to be notified separately