Product Features

Strong environmental adaptability

The range of operating conditions is wide

It has experienced the high temperature environment of 45℃ in Laos, the terrain of 4500m above sea level in qinghai, and the cold test of -30 ℃ in Inner Mongolia. Folding structure drill arm, 1 positioning work coverage area is large, reduce the number of positioning shift; Large air volume airborne air compressor, slag blowing pressure up to 10bar, suitable for a variety of complex strata; Floating hinged chassis, no fear of rugged terrain, excellent off-road performance.

Easy to operate, comfortable and environmentally friendly

Maneuverability, super off - road

Based on the secondary development of the excavator platform, it has the capability of walking cross-country and turning 360 on the vehicle.

All products

All configurations in the product list of this website are based on actual machines. To meet customers needs and the relevant national legal requirements, Sunward will improve product technological continuously. SUNWARD Equipment Co., Ltd. reserves the right to modify the above configurations and specifications without making to be notified separately